FF8 themed Cig Case

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This cute collectible cigarette case is great for the gaming smoker, or Final Fantasy collector or those die hard Squall and Rinoa fans out there:


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Looking for some like new raver legwarmers?

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Into cyberwear? Well peep these PLASTIK WRAP leg warmers. They are so fun to wear to any crazy parties and keep your lower legs warm. Mind you I never got the chance to wear them so they languish in my home. Give them a good home willya?

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The upside.

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Oh I also forgot…

Upsides about running this place here:

1. People will stop asking me if I know WordPress well (I do and have run many other people’s blogs too using good ol’ WordPress)

2. Get’s me out of just using blogger and Google for everything (that darned comfort zone!)

3. Keeps my store stuff out of my normal blog’s hair

4. All my fun stuff you may want, all in one place!

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